The Best Ephedra Diet Pill : Thermoburn with 24mg Ephedra

The Best Ephedra Diet Pill

Ephedra diet pills are hands down the best products for burning fat in a hurry. There are a ton of underdosed ephedra products that have small doses of active ingredients and a ton of fillers. Ephedra pills are the undisputed king of fat loss and energy boosting, it’s important to always stick with a reputable brand of ephedra.

The best ephedra diet pills I’ve come across is THERMOBURN with 24mg Ephedra (Click to view in store). It’s really stacked with effective ingredients, and extremely potent – use with caution!

Ma Huang For Weight Loss: Where to Buy in 2012

Ma Huang Weight Loss Pills in 2012

What Ma Huang is:

When people search for Ma Huang, they are looking for ephedra – ephedra diet pills specifically.

The Solution:

It’s still fine to buy ephedrine, it’s just that ephedrine is not allowed to be marketed as a dietary supplement – it’s still the same ingredient. Ephedrine and Caffeine is the ultimate fat loss stack – there is no “fat burner” on the market that will match the effectiveness of ephedrine and caffeine.

Ephedra Diet Pills Are Just Ephedrine and Caffeine

Sometimes there are other ingredients thrown into the mix, but the main ingredients, the ingredients that made ephedra products work, is ephedrine and caffeine.

In conclusion

Ma Huang and Ephedra are the same thing – A plant. Ephedra diet pills are the fat loss products that contained ephedrine (extracted from ephedra/ma-huang) and caffeine. So really, if you want to burn fat fast, all you have to do is pick up some ephedrine and caffeine. Check out the link to the right if you want to order!

Ma Huang Explained

Ma Huang Explained


What is Ma Huang and where can I buy it in 2012?

Ma Huang is another term used to describe Ephedra Sinica. Ephedra sinica is actually a plant, the ma huang/ephedra sinica extract became popular due to its stimulant properties and fat loss effects. Many diet pills, known as ephedra diet pills, contained a ma-huang extract. Often times these diet pills also contained caffeine.

What some people have failed to realize is that the active stimulant ingredient in ma huang is EPHEDRINE. While Ephedra diet pills that contain real ma huang are banned, ephedrine is not. Ephedrine can still be purchased legally over the counter, however you won’t be finding it in the diet pill aisle.

Ephedrine has to be marketed as a nasal decongestant, due to updated marketing regulations. The product cannot be advertised as for fat loss, or marketed towards burning fat. Caffeine pills are also readily available, so if you really wanted access to ma huang in 2012, all you have to do is buy ephedrine and caffeine.

I understand now, so where can I buy Ephedrine?

My recommended source for buying ephedrine is:

So Ma Huang is just another term for ephedra?

Basically yes. Most people recognize Ma Huang as the “fat loss” ingredient in ephedra diet pills. What they may not realize is that the active ingredient is ephedrine.


In reality, buying ephedrine is actually safer. The ephedrine products on the market are limited to an 8 milligram per tablet dosing (which is fairly mild), and it is a synthetically produced product under strict guidelines. Ephedra/Ma Huang products often contained herbal extracts of ephedra so the actual active ephedrine content was really unknown. At least with ephedrine products it’s clear to the user how much active ingredient they are actually consuming.

If it were up to me, I would simply tack some regulations on the production of diet pills containing ephedrine. Many studies have shown that these ingredients are safe and effective when used responsibly. If the government could find a happy medium in between a flat out ban, and a non-regulated gong-show, I think people would be a lot happier. A questionable ban certainly leaves a sour taste in the mouth of those that use these products the way they were intended to be used.

For now, be sure to grab some Ephedrine at

Ma Huang/Ephedra/Ephedrine

ma huang



Ma Huang, Ephedra, and Ephedrine illustrated

Ma Huang is simply another term used to describe ephedra. Ma Huang/Ephedra is a plant that grows in many regions, and ephedra sinica is the extract used from this plant that has fat burning/stimulant properties. The active ingredients found in ephedra sinica are ephedrine alkaloids.

This may sound confusing to most. Basically the “fat loss”/”fat burning” ingredient that most people are seeking is ephedrine. Ephedrine is simply the synthetic version of a ma huang/ephedra alkaloid.

Ephedrine and Burning Fat

Ephedrine is now found on the market as a nasal decongestant. Due to new regulations, companies can no longer market ephedrine products on the label as “fat burners”. Many people still use ephedrine for fat loss (often stacked with caffeine), however it is also a popular nasal decongestant (and a very effective one at that).

Ma Huang Products

You wont be finding any Ma Huang products on the market in 2012. However this isn’t a bad thing. Like stated before, you can still buy ephedrine (the active ingredient in Ma Huang), and I think the new regulations are a good thing. Ephedrine can only come in bottles containing a maximum of 50 tablets, and each tablet is dosed at 8mg. This is a good thing because it is a mild dose and it allows people to asses their sensitivity to the product.